Trip to Wellness

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Owner: Barry Cooper

In business Since: 2016

Who works there: Barry Cooper

Past Employees: charles johnson

How many poeple treated: 3

Is this their first Ibogaine Facility: Barry claims to have been treating people for years with Ayahuasca through his enterprise.


Phone Number:
+1 512-333-1608
+52 1 322 156 0716

Contact Email:
[email protected]

Trip to Wellness
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Take a TripToWellness with world famous drug expert and humanitarian, Barry Cooper. TripToWellness offers beach side ayahuasca vacations and ibogaine treatment. We treat addictions, alcoholism, alcohol cravings, depression, PTSD and other pesky disorders. Many participate for the sole purpose of consciousness expansion. Experience a TripToWellness and become the best version of yourself possible

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