Genesis Ibogaine Center


Owner: Sue Fallshaw

In business Since: 2015

Who works there: Sue Fallshaw, Tony Avakian, Lea Marie Yegge, Victor Ortega, Ana M. Omana, Hector Velazquez, Lisette Zaragoza, Nestor Zavala, Mario Pepe, Louis Marks, Guillermo Flores, Jose Cerda

Is this their first Ibogaine Facility: Ibogaine Treatment Center 2011?
Safe haven Ibogaine center


Genesis Ibogaine Center
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Upon arrival the patient goes through an initial intake. Medical and psychological questions are answered and a physical exam is given. Medications are also prescribed. The patient takes lab tests, full blood tests, liver panel, and EKG and the cardiologist provides medical clearance the first or second day in the clinic. These days are also very important because it allows the patient to settle in, get comfortable, and to prepare for the treatment mentally, physically and spiritually.


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